Had a flood or leak? We are experienced in drying, restoring and cleaning water damaged carpet.

Flood restoration / Drying out carpets

We understand how stressful it can be when your home or business is flooded. We have 15 years of experience restoring flooded buildings and drying and cleaning water damaged carpet. 

Emergency service for drying wet carpet

Whether it’s the washing machine overflowing into 1 or 2 rooms, or with heavy rains the whole house is now covered in water, we can deal with your flood damaged carpet and restore your home or office quickly, with as little interruption as possible. If you have flooded or water damaged carpet or a building that needs attention, call us on (06) 35 35 111 anytime.

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Drying carpets after water damage

We have a large inventory of drying equipment including, air movers and commercial dehumidifiers which give us the ability to dry out your carpets quickly and effectively. We also have specialised apparatus for structural drying as frequently, if the carpet is wet, walls, subfloor and other areas are also wet.   

Don’t just take our word for it!

Read what our customers have to say about our services…

After moving into our brand-new building in June one cold frosty morning we opened the front doors to be met with water. The cause of this was from a burst pipe due to the frost causing water to flow throughout our brand-new building and had been for some hours. What to do? – Ring Gordon; who had been cleaning the carpets in our old building on Princess Street, with an SOS.
To Gordon’s credit he responded instantly bringing with him vacuum systems and dehumidifiers to start the clean-up operation. He worked solidly over the weekend to have our building operable by Monday morning. Being a Funeral Home, we couldn’t not have our building operable.
I couldn’t and can’t speak highly enough about Gordon. He is always available and, in my opinion, does a first class job and is so easy to deal with. I recommend his services to you. 

Graeme Procter
The Lychway Funeral Directors
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Our process involves:

Moving furniture to unaffected areas

Extracting any excess water from affected areas with high powered vacuum using purpose-built water extraction tools

Lifting of carpets

Drying carpets using high powered fans, commercial dehumidifiers and other specialised drying equipment

Re-laying your dried carpets

Sanitising and cleaning water damaged carpet

What you can do in the event of a flood

Turn off water at the street if you suspect a plumbing leak

For a smaller flood use towels to soak up as much water as practical

Photograph the damaged area.

If you can, clear the affected area of furniture.

Place foil or plastic under furniture legs to prevent staining to carpets or rugs.

Lift up floor length drapes

Remove small rugs, boxes, books or other items that might stain the carpet.

Lift up floor length drapes

Be careful of wet and slippery floors especially when walking from wet areas onto lino, tile, or wood floors.

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If you need help drying, restoring or cleaning water damaged carpet, drop us a line or call us on

(06) 35 35 111.

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