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If you’ve got questions about our carpet cleaning and upholstery care services, feel free to call us on (06) 3535 111 or email However, you may find your queries answered here ….

Q. How long will the carpet take to dry?

A. Carpet drying times may vary from four hours under ideal conditions to as much as 48 hours in extremely cold or humid conditions. If good drying conditions exist in your home or business premises, a carpet that is cleaned in the morning will usually be dry by the evening. Low humidity, air circulation and warm temperatures will all reduce dry times. If dry times are critical for your situation, we can force dry your carpet through the use of professional drying equipment. Alternatively, where appropriate we can use a low moisture method of carpet cleaning.

Q. Do we need to move the furniture?

A. Where possible, move furniture to an area that will not be cleaned. It may be impractical to move some larger items out of the room. One option is to clean the carpet around these items. Alternatively, where appropriate, we may be able to slide the furniture to one side, clean underneath and slide it back. In this case we will need to place plastic tabs underneath the furniture feet to protect the carpet. If you need assistance moving furniture, we are happy to help. Please advise us in advance as additional time or manpower may be required.

Q. How much does carpet cleaning cost?

A. Costs can vary considerably depending on customer needs, the level of soiling, size of the area to be cleaned and other factors. The best way to obtain an initial indication of price is to call us on (06) 35 35 111. We will also confirm all carpet cleaning costs before we start work.

Q How long will it take to clean my carpet?

A. The time will depend on: the area of the carpet, the amount of furniture to be moved, how dirty the carpet is, and any necessary spot removal treatments, call us on (06) 35 35 111 and we can give you an indication of the time required to complete the work.

Q. Do I have to stay at home while my carpet is being cleaned?

A. Ideally you would meet us at the property before we start so we can discuss any specific needs; however we understand this is not always practical and arrangements can be made in advance by phone or email if you are unable to attend. It is not necessary to wait around while the work is completed.

Q. How soon can I have a technician come out to my home?

A. We are usually able to respond within 2 to 5 days working days. For genuinely urgent work, such as floods and leaks, we will do what we can to attend ASAP.

Q. Will all carpet and upholstery stains come out?

A. Our standard carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning processes will remove a significant percentage of stains and we have specific procedures for treating more stubborn stains. Due to the nature of certain stains it is not possible to guarantee complete restoration 

Q. Will my carpet smell after cleaning?

A. With wool carpets there may be a slight damp smell, but this will disappear as it dries. You can speed up the drying process by airing the house and turning up any heat pumps or ventilation systems

Q. How often should I have my carpets cleaned professionally?

A. Firstly if your carpets are reasonably new, check your manufacturer’s warranty there may be a recommendation as to how frequently you should clean your carpets and not meeting this could affect any warranty you may have. As a rule of thumb we recommend professional cleaning every 12 months. When cleaned and maintained correctly, the carpet life is extended. 

Q. What if I have any other questions about carpet or furniture cleaning?

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